Environmental consulting

Environmental consultingIn the last 10-15 years in the Republic of Kazakhstan has received a great development of the economy such as consulting services. A separate item in all of this diversity is environmental consulting. First of all, it is the activities related to the environmental provision and operation of any enterprise, regardless of their nature and industry, municipal and regional institutions, etc. This manifests itself in the form of advisory services projects, resource conservation and actions aimed at reducing environmental pollution particular organization.

In-service environmental consulting includes documentation and certification of production, the necessary equipment and technology, businesses and territories, as well as natural and industrial objects.

This includes environmental and economic analysis and design of industrial facilities and manufacturing companies.

In the environmental activities of this area includes planning activities of ecology, assessment of their actual level and efficiency, the development of ideas on the most efficient and effective use of resources, ranging from energy and water, ending the physical and financial. It is also the development of a set of measures aimed at reducing pollution emissions and waste, improving the quality of the management and disposal, the choice of effective and appropriate technologies and software for specific environmental purposes of the enterprise.

Most similar in functions to the environmental - environmental and legal consulting. The scope of these services includes analytical comments on all the necessary changes in, environmental, and related, laws, their adaptation to the specific needs of a particular company, just comments of individual acts with similar themes, review and analysis of state law. In addition, this ecological and legal analysis on specific problems arising, conducting individual case consultation, implementation and approval of environmental and legal conclusions.

This includes environmental and legal due diligence, legal content of any kind in matters of environmental compliance. Training sessions, seminars, lectures and training sessions on a given subject to increase personnel and search for information in a given topic.

As you can see, the scope of activities is quite extensive and covers a range necessary for the successful development of enterprise services including consulting in new directions for Kazakhstan is described above in the preceding paragraphs strategy.



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