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CONSULTING SERVICESThe company has experience in the development of guidelines and recommendations for the calculation of GHG emissions. In addition, the constant practice of the study of international experience in building trading systems makes it possible to provide consulting services to outside companies. Need to develop consultative support to the government and state-owned companies. In addition, subject to the development of the system of training of environmental specialists. The development of standards and formats on request MEP obligate the Company to carry out purposeful work on the transfer of expertise to private companies, as well as prepare reports and monitoring system based on best practices.

Also need all of the primary legislative initiatives (methods, forms, reporting and planning) to bring to the private sector in the light of practical implementation. Only practical way you can "tune" the right mechanism to prepare the necessary documents and calculations. This applies not only to work with GHG, but, equally, and a system of waste management.

On this basis of JSC "Zhasyl damu" offers the potential customers of natural resources following services:

- Development of guidelines for a particular company;

- inventory of GHG;

- development of an electronic system for calculating and controlling GHG emissions, preparation of monitoring plans;

- conducting training courses and seminars in the field of greenhouse gas emissions and waste management;



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