1. Management reserve quota
    JSC "Zhasyl damu" is the authorized organization of the Ministry of Environmental Protection, management and distribution of reserve quotas for greenhouse gas emissions.

  2. Managing GHG inventory
    GHG Inventory management - a direct function of the Company's GHG inventory, fixed the Environmental Code of the Republic of Kazakhstan. GHG inventory is a detailed online program that keeps track of GHG emissions by enterprises of Kazakhstan. Annual reports shall be submitted on paper and then entered into the inventory manually. The main theme of development - automation of all processes of the Cadaster.First of all - the automation of the collection of all data.Users will be able to access the registry at the following address:

  3. Managing the registry of carbon units RK
    The registry of carbon units – the software product to account for carbon units and making transactions on exchange. JSC "Zhasyl damu" being a working body of the Ministry of Environmental Protection in the implementation of the Kyoto Protocol is the registrar.

  4. Rulemaking
    JSC "Zhasyl damu" annually on the basis of the state order with MEP of RK is reviewed and updated environmental legislation on the regulation of greenhouse gas emissions and waste management of production and consumption.
    The Company is a major developer of cap-and-trading scheme. A large part of the work is the development of normative documents regulating (establishing) the basic requirements and parameters of the system, namely the system of monitoring, reporting and verification.
    Given the development of the market on an international scale, constant adaptation and implementation of international best practices in national legislation. In addition, the trading system involves many other sectors - industrial and innovative development, energy development, agriculture, oil and gas industry and the environment.
    Also JSC "Zhasyl damu" - the developer of the National Allocation Plan for GHG emissions, based on which companies are allocated allowances.

  5. Participation of experts in international negotiations
    The experts of JSC “Zhasyl damu” annual participation in international negotiation processes under the UNFCCC, representing the Republic of Kazakhstan.                                                                                                           
  6. Preparation of an annual national report on the inventory of anthropogenic emissions by sources and removals by sinks of greenhouse gases not controlled by the Montreal Protocol. This report is submitted annually to the Secretariat in accordance with the obligations of the Republic of Kazakhstan in accordance with the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change and the Kyoto Protocol.



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