Management of solid waste

Solid waste managementManagement of solid waste as a business segment is also of great interest to the Company. Necessary to improve the management of solid waste, to change attitudes and building codes and standards for the arrangement of the landfills, to develop requirements for technical solutions, based on international best practices. Create a network of operating companies (based on PPP) by region in order to optimize production complexes in the regions and to subjugate the entire system of best practice. In addition, there is a need to develop specific solutions for the formation of tariffs (which make the sector attractive for business) and the creation of conditions for the separate collection of solid waste. The slope of the manufacturing sector should be on achieving the objectives of the transition to a "green" economy, that is, the priority will be those technologies and management schemes, which carry energy and resource saving, and - the possibility of the development of renewable energy sources (biomass, biogas and etc.)



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