Waste Management of production and consumption

Waste Management of production and consumption

One of the most pressing environmental problems associated with historic waste and ownerless territories occupied by them that the judgment passed in the republican ownership. Given that these objects create extremely high anthropogenic pressure on the environment , according to the Rules of ownerless hazardous waste management , recognized by a court entered the Republican property (hereinafter - the Rules, as amended by Resolution of the Government of the Republic of Kazakhstan from 31.05.2012 №715), you must take immediate steps to their future management .

In the period from 2009 to 2010 on the basis of 9g of court decisions in the state property transferred 4.7 million tons of hazardous waste in the territory of Karaganda, Kostanai and Aktobe regions.

The management procedure ownerless hazardous waste transferred by a court in the republican ownership requires the study of the properties of hazardous waste by means of laboratory tests to determine their level of risk for the certificates of hazardous waste, as well as decision-making for their future management.

In order to continue the implementation of the major areas of environmental policy in the context of its sustainable development, providing a platform for the development of a green economy need to develop practical solutions to contemporary problems of “ownerless“ historical pollution in the territory of Kazakhstan, the decision of the court in the republican ownership.

Assessment of the major internal and external factors.

Ownerless waste passed judgment in the republican ownership, represent a conglomeration of various hazardous chemicals and wastes. Almost all of them are covered to some extent by international conventions ratified by Kazakhstan: the Basel, Stockholm and Rotterdam. In this context, the development and improvement of laws and regulations on the management of these chemicals and waste, conducting a detailed inventory of all of their reserves in Kazakhstan and the subsequent execution of works on their environmentally safe disposal in accordance with the provisions of the conventions, as well as raising awareness of the public in accordance with the Aarhus Convention is very important.



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